Dealer Opportunities

Yes it’s true – there are still good margins available in construction products.

Why the demand for a complete, quality waterproofing system:

DeckRite Exterior floor covering is a popular alternative to traditional high maintenance wood and concrete patios and decks.
DeckRite Canada complies with “Green Building Practices” and is more durable and lower maintenance than other vinyl membranes.
A DeckRite system virtually eliminates the maintenance problems associated with other building materials. Our membranes exceed Canadian code requirements.

Join the DeckRite Dealer Network

DeckRite Canada has long recognized that our success as a company is based on the strength of our dealers. Becoming a member of the DeckRite Dealer Network means joining a select team of deck professionals in strategic locations throughout North America.
We value a dealer’s investment in our business, and in return, we are committed to supporting our dealer network with the best decking products, marketing tools and customer service in the industry.

Dealer Development Strategy

Our approach to developing new markets and dealer support follows three phases:

Phase 1Providing Products that meet Canadian National building code Requirements.
Our vinyl membranes meet CAN/CGSB 37.54-95 Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing Membrane Type III , Class B, for stringent Canadian Building Code requirements. In turn, allowing us to offer complete systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Phase 2 To offer a Higher Profit Vehicle to a Select Group of Professionals
Within each target market, we identify dealer candidates based on their business know-how, experience, knowledge and their relationships within the housing/building materials industry. Through a mutual interview and negotiation process we partner with companies that have demonstrated their commitment to servicing the construction market they participate in.

Phase 3 To take a Proactive Role in the Growth of our Dealers
We are committed to providing pre and post-sales support to our dealers by including industry leading electronic business systems, comprehensive product sales training and customer market support. We offer creative marketing support combined with promotion support and work closely with our dealers to help them identify opportunities. We assist in building their business and achieve their performance targets.

For further Information:

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